The Five Elements

The Five Elements

The 5 Elements refer in part to the 5 phases or 5 seasons of the year. We are familiar with winter, spring, summer and fall. The 5th season refers to late summer, harvest time.

Each season has an element associated with it:

Summer is Fire

LateĀ  summer is Earth

Fall is Metal

Winter is Water

Spring is Wood

These seasons apply to ourselves as well as to what we think of as nature outside.

We need the stillness and resting of winter to feed the bursting forth and creativity and new growth of spring.

The full blooms, maturity and playfulness of summer to feed the harvest, nourishment and abundance of late summer.

Then, well nourished, we can let go into the fall, releasing what’s no longer needed.

The idea is to live in harmony with all the seasons.

To live a balanced life.

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