Understanding The Five Elements

Understanding The Five Elements

For thousands of years the Chinese have known

To attain the deepest level of healing, you must understand the deepest level of  who you are…

In that knowing awaits The 5 Elements


Summer – Summer is a time for fullness and flourishing joy and playfulness. Flowers are in full bloom and maturity.  It’s a time of connection with others, relationships and partnerships.

Fire Creates Earth

Late Summer –  It’s the time of harvest, of care taking,  of nurturing and of home.  Sympathy is associated with it and the gift of thoughtfulness.

Earth Bears Metal

Fall – Fall is the time for letting go of grief.   It is also the time when we can receive inspiration in the space we have created by letting go.

Metal Collects Water

Winter–  Winter is a time of deep resting and stillness. We are in the unknown.  Fear is the emotion associated with it and wisdom is the virtue.

Water Nourishes Wood

Spring – A time of bursting forth, of new growth and creativity. Anger and frustration are associated with it as is benevolence and new beginnings.

Wood Feeds Fire


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