The Five Elements correspond to the seasons in nature as well as facets of ourselves. This ancient and profound art of healing has many benefits, including some you may not expect, such as greater emotional and spiritual well-being.

Five Element Acupuncture helps to regain and maintain the balance of energy within us, restoring the smooth flow of qi.

When our energy is in balance, (nothing missing, nothing blocked, and nothing in excess) we have optimal health emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Acupuncture can be used to help the body heal itself when we are out of balance, in pain, injured, anxious or depressed. It can also be used when we are healthy to help us stay healthy and feeling great.

This ancient and unique form of acupuncture acknowledges the role that our emotions and our spirit play in our health. Five Element acupuncturists address physical symptoms, as well as search more deeply to the source of the issue.

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