Five Elements and the Seasons

Five Elements and the Seasons

Winter:  Are we resting deeply in the winter, allowing stillness to be part of every day?  Are we holding on to our reserves or are we spending all of our energy as though all of life is an emergency.  Can we practice being comfortable with the fear of not knowing what comes next, and experience the wisdom that comes from that?

Spring: Are we able to burst forward with creative growth (with the energy gained from resting in the winter)?  Can we make a plan for where we’d like to go in the future, and see clearly how to get there?  Do we have enough flexibility to push through obstacles without bulldozing over anyone?

Summer:  Are we experiencing playfulness and connection with others?  Are our relationships warm and satisfying?  Can we allow ourselves to feel sadness sometimes so that our joy can be complete?  Do we feel a sense of the fullness of who we are and can we express that?

Late Summer: Can we experience the abundance and harvest of our lives instead of always looking for the next task to be done or problem to be solved?  Can we take care of ourselves and others?  Are our homes welcoming and our lives nourishing?

Fall: Can we let go, releasing what we no longer need to make room for fresh inspiration?  Are we able to breathe deeply and fully?  Do we value ourselves and others?  What do we hold as precious in our lives?

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